We serve traditional Polish fare in  national style. Every meal comes with freshly made daily soup and salad. For dinner we include the dessert. We want to make sure that everytime You come in , there is no worries on coming out hungry.
Stuffed Cabbage
On daily basis, we choose the best possible ingridiance to make our food delicious. We start with picking the best veggies & meats on market and use them to craft our plates. Everything is freshly cooked to order in our kitchen .
Royal Plater
Each of our plates are created with Love for Our costumers. We create everything in our kitchen from scratch. Our ingridiance are carefully hand picked and seasonings are best polish herbs avilable on California market.

Our Location

Our location inside  has been changing in and out over the years. However we are always trying to keep it, in cozy family arrangments and feeling.


In 2016 we completed the last pharse of interior renowation. We are proud that we did it step by step, as we had little time ,  to do so. Only when we were closed, it took us 3 years, and we did not use any contractors. 
We did it all by ourselves.